Running Ecommerce Business? 4 Design Mistakes to Avoid

Running an online store can be a great investment because of the huge new markets available today in many businesses. Online retailers don’t need to make calls or use mails to reach a global market. Moreover, they can operate their business 24 hours a day anywhere at any time. However, the goodies in the online business may not be achieved if the online retailer fails to meet the demands in the online industry. For instance, they should not expect to survive amid stiff competition if they don’t hire web experts such as a competent e-commerce consultant to develop and upgrade their websites. Online retailers who don’t work closely with such consultants experience numerous costly mistakes on the sites they run.

E-Commerce Consultant

Inadequate product information

Feeling and picking up products is a practical interaction you don’t get with the online shopping. The only thing that online shoppers can depend on to know the features of what they are buying is the detailed information provided on the labels or packaging. One of the roles of an experienced web developer is ensuring the product descriptions in your e-commerce sites are available. Most online shoppers like getting product information in regard to weight, materials, color, fabric type, sizes and dimensions.

Hidden contact information

Credit card information makes most consumers know they are dealing with genuine or competent online suppliers. Contacts should not only be present, but also reliable and effective. Most customers would like to know more about the products you deal with and the swiftest method they can reach you with is through the contacts you provide. An experienced e-commerce consultant should help you put legible contacts on strategic places such as in the footer, sidebar or header. Addition of mailing address, phone number or email address may greatly boost customer trust. Customers are likely to get more information from you especially if you are dealing with technical or expensive products.

Confusing or long checkout process

Online customers use checkout processes to make orders or provide the credit card information required. If you make steps in the checkout procedure more complex, customers will give up before they have placed items in their carts or even paid for them. A reliable and easy checkout process should include one page where customers should make orders and probably enter their shipping and billing information. You may also add another page where customers should confirm their details before submitting their orders. This is not confusing especially if you involve a competent Fort Lauderdale web developer from the initial step. Check out Adam Hodson

Lack of payment options

Having a variety of payment options is a great way of attracting many online clients. As an online business person, you should not limit your clients to PayPal, MasterCard or Visa payment accounts. Customers who don’t operate PayPal accounts but have other accounts such as AmEx would not be able to pay for the products they want. Other customers would wish to pay directly from their bank accounts if they don’t have credit cards. Consulting Fort Lauderdale App Development experts would help you come up with payment options that your customers would find easy and fast to use.

With good plan and management, an online business can be quite rewarding and fulfilling. It may also be a source of great exposure that is hard to find when running a local store. One of the strategic plans one should implement to boost the performance of their online business is hiring a qualified e-commerce consultant to work on their websites.

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Updated: June 30, 2016 — 1:37 am

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