Why You Need to Get Your Dog an ID Tag

According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, less than 2% of lost cats and only 15-20 % of lost dogs are returned to their owners. The reason for such statistics is the lack of pet identification. Also another study by  ASPCA in 2010 shows that 80% of pet owners believe in identification tags, yet only 33% of them have their pets wearing these tags all the time. It has been proven that collar tags are the most effective way of helping a pet find its way back home. This article takes a look at some of the reasons why dog id tags should be a necessity and worn all the time by pets.


In most states, it’s a requirement that a pet gets the required vaccinations for their dog as well as have the pet registered with the state or city as well. This is of importance because through it the owners are able to remain up to date with the healthcare needs of their pet as well as help animal control agencies to be able to identify your pet. There are cities that supply their own tags for license numbers, vaccination information, but often are in low quality. To get a high-quality tag you will need to seek services from a company specializing in dog id tags in WA. Click on Pawz for more information.


In WA, the most reliable method of ensuring the safety of your dog is by getting dog id tags. This is because the information you choose to have on the id tag can often be very useful in getting a lost dog back to its owner. For most WA dog id tags, they have the contact information of the owner. This is often very effective as you can get your dog returned to you in case your dog gets lost. Also, having the name of your dog engraved on their tag can be beneficial for when someone finds them as they can be able to call them by their name and they will feel comforted.


A tag can also be a great way of ensuring the health of your dog. This is because in the event that your dog is ailing, this information engraved on their tag will help those in contact with it aware and thereby take necessary steps in helping the dog and protect them as well. Also, if there is a medication need having them on the tag will help people provide necessary assistance. Also if the dog is blind or deaf then having such information on dog id tags will be quite beneficial not only for the dog but also those in contact with it.

The role played by a dog id tag in ensuring dog safety is immeasurable. This not only applies to the dogs, but to other pets as well. If you have a friend or family member that is in possession of a dog but has no tag then find dog id tags and gift them as you understand the benefits. Check https://www.pawz.com.au/ for details.

Updated: November 17, 2016 — 8:21 am

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