Reasons to get those charming wooden watches!

As times go by, people are relying more and more on their smart phones to check the time, while they have watches as a piece of jewelry while some don’t wear them at all. However, doesn’t the thought of a wooden watch pick your interest? People today mostly have leather or metallic watches and even plastic but not wood. Wooden watches are not only nicely crafted, unique and gorgeous but also come in new designs and are made using sustainable resources from around the world. Simon Barnett states that wooden watches have become the latest eco-trend to hit the market over the years. So why buy a wood watch? This article gives some basic advantages of buying a wood watch.

wooden watches


Wooden watches differ greatly from each other as no two wooden watches are the same. This is as a result of not only them being made and crafted by hand, but also due to the differences in the pieces of wood used. This makes it impossible to make two watches, which are the same and also rules out mass making of watches unlike the making of metallic or plastic watches.

Light and durable

As a material on earth, wood is one of the lightest and most durable. As an example, there is tensile bamboo, which is a wonder, having the strength of steel due to its molecular structure enabling it to be used as a standard building material around the world for thousands of years. This makes wooden watches perfect in making wood watches for men as they won’t easily spoil in spite of the extraneous outdoor activities they might be involved in.

Eco friendly

Materials used to make wood watches include bamboo, which grows amazingly fast. Bamboo can reach its full maturity in 1 to 5 years, making it an independent species; thus very reliable and quick in recovery. In addition, no trees are cut as recycled or reclaimed wood is used in making the watches. The quality is carefully selected with passion and fashion taken into account. For example, WeWood wooden watches are manufactured whereby the manufacturers have projects in which for every watch of theirs that is sold worldwide, a tree is planted, which contributes highly to the ecosystem.


A watch made of wood is not only hypoallergenic but also made of 100% natural wood, making it nickel free too. This is very safe for people who are easily allergic to metal or plastic watches. A watch is in close and constant contact with the skin, making allergic reactions very uncomfortable. A wood watch has a wooden plate on the back making allergies something you don’t have to worry about. This will not only make you comfortable as it eradicates any cause of irritation but also gives you no excuse to be late as a result of not being able to wear a normal watch. This applies to both wooden watches and sunglasses.

It’s very advisable to get a wood watch as they are stylish and give immense pleasure to the person wearing it and are a great gift to give a person.

Updated: January 27, 2017 — 7:06 am

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