Advantages and disadvantages of hunting

Using hunting equipment to hunt whether for sports, subsistence or commercial purposes can be quite a thrilling and satisfying experience. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of hunting. First, we start with advantages.

Hunting Equipment

Source of basic needs

So many people eat game meat because of its high protein content, which includes deer, rabbit, duck and others. Hunting also is a means to provide clothing and shelter as fur and hide gotten from hunting is used in the fashion industry many times to make clothing. Some African and Indian communities in the past also used buffalo hide to make shelter.

Stimulating economies

Studies show that fishing, hunting and other wildlife associated recreation fetches a lot of income as hunters spend so much money on their outdoor adventures. Also hunting accessories are made a tad more expensive for hunters and some of the proceeds are channeled into wildlife management. Hunters pay for hunting licenses and also the land they specifically want to hunt from.

Test skills and abilities

Hunting requires a lot of skill. A hunter must be able to study its prey, and learn its behaviors. They must also know how to effectively use their hunting equipment for results. Furthermore, it’s a good way of exercising personal abilities like patience for sometimes hunters can go a whole day without catching anything.

Better health and recreation

The fitness benefits of hunting are almost somewhat guaranteed as it involves a lot of running and exercising of muscles. Some people engage in hunting as a form of sport where they derive entertainment and leisure.

Satisfaction of sharing

Most states have programs that give hunters a chance to share their bounty with other people who would be interested in the low fat meat that has high protein content.

Maintain a balance

Hunting helps create a balanced ratio between human beings and wild animals. They also help lower the number of overpopulated species, therefore, taking stress off nature, which would be depleted of food resources and shelter.

As much as hunting has a lot of benefits, there are quite a number of cons associated with it. These include

1. Extinction – Hunters usually are interested in specific communities of animals, which put them in danger of extinction. Wolves, for example, are one of the most commonly sought after animals by hunters. They as a result are becoming more extinct.

2. Slur economic development – A lot of money is channeled towards hunting for enforcement of hunting laws and on hunter’s education programs. This money would have otherwise gone to other important sectors of economic development.

3. Expensive for most people – Apart from the hunting equipment that is quite costly, other expenses that a hunter will incur include cost of acquiring a hunting license and hunter’s safety course.

Hunting has a lot of advantages, which include source of basic needs, health and recreation benefits and also a great way to keep wildlife population in check. However, because of hunting animals face danger of extinction and also hunters buy hunting equipment at high costs, making the activity generally expensive.

Updated: January 26, 2016 — 3:40 am

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