Mole Check and Other Treatments in Annerley

Studies on general health problems keep throwing up new information and statistics. In Australia, for example, the occurrence of skin cancer appears to be gaining traction, and some states like Queensland may have more people with the disease. Experts advise a periodical mole check to know how serious a mole on your skin could be. But one must hasten to add that skin cancer can very much be cured if detected on time and treated by the specialists.

mole check

Have the Checks Done at a Clinic

If you happen to be a resident of Queensland, whether in Brisbane’s CBD or any of the suburbs, you should be able to find clinics, which offer all services, including skin care. A skin clinic Annerley has, to cite just one of the suburbs, will have not only skin specialists, but GPs as well. Once you fix an appointment and meet the doctor, you can have the mole check also done here. And the reports will clearly indicate if there is any risk with any of the moles on your skin and if there is, then an appropriate treatment can also be started.

Other Services Besides Just Skin Treatment

The clinic that you visit for a mole check need not necessarily be just meant to have skin specialists. In fact, most of these clinics have a range of medical services to offer. There will be GPs who can attend to minor discomforts that you may suffer from. But the first thing you will need to do is to fix an appointment over telephone or by mail and receive a confirmation. The clinics will also operate with timings, which suit people who have to go to work and can visit the doctors only during weekends or late in the evenings on weekdays. This is like taking the service objective quite seriously and putting the clients first.

If you visit the clinic regularly for consultation, and if you have been meeting a particular doctor, say, Wendy Wey, you can ask for an appointment with that particular doctor according to the time she is available in the clinic. The clinic administration staff would ensure that you get to meet your doctor at the correct time at which you fixed  the appointment. It is only in rare cases that if there is an emergency and the doctor is busy with a case, that the timings get slightly deferred.

But here again, the clinic ensures that your waiting time is not wasted and there is some literature to browse around. If you have kids, there would be play area where you can leave them while you are being attended to by the doctor, such as Wendy Wey doctor and expert of these same matters.

Stay Healthy Get Your Checks Done Periodically

Modern healthcare techniques teach that people who do not wait until something happens to them win the war. People can live healthier if they get certain routine medical examinations done as these can warn them of any abnormality in their bodies. The tests can provide a forewarning and if treated at that stage, one can completely avoid the illness. The GP clinics help a great deal in this.

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Updated: January 26, 2016 — 5:59 pm

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